Application of Swing framework components

Menus and Menubars in swing framework
Tabbed pane in swing
Tables in swing
implementaing Progress bar in swing
implementing Slider in swing
Swing container and application

JDBC database connectivity

RDBMS concept in java
My SQL database connectivity in java
JDBC/ODBC Bridge in java

EJB (Enterprises Java Beans)

EJB detailed Architecture
Messaging in E java beans framework

IDE used with java development

Edit Plus
Text Pad
Eclipse advance ide with java
Java Beans ide

Java Servlet in java development

Server side technologies in java development
Servlet Life cycle
Http & generic servlet
Using JDBC in servlet

Java 2 platform(j2ee)

life cycle in jsp
JSP architecture(Directives,Declaration,Scriptl ets,Expression)
Developing dynamic webpages with jsp
html in JSP pages and its application
Mixing html with scriplets and its application

MVC Architecture application

Client & Web Tier Architecture application JSP Application deployment

basic Design and html

HTML application
CSS design
XML design
XHTML design
AJAX design

Hibernate framework application

Working on Hibernate framework
Hibernate framework , its advantage and disadvantage
Using Hibernate framework in a live application

JavaBeans API in java

Java Beans advantages and its application
Java Beans API detailed implementation

Struts framework (J2EE)

Struts framework Architecture and details
Struts frameworks Components
Internationalization in sturts frameworks
Validator Framework in stuts
Error Handling in framework
Database Connectivity in sturts framework

JSP application and development

Transactions Using JSP
Cookies & Session Management with jsp